181 Brush 1
1983 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 30 4x4
PADOH EMS Certified
Power Generator
Off Road Package & Equipment
Chain saws
Flood lights
Hand Lights
Power Cords
Various hand tools
750 GPM pump
350 Gallon Tank
Water cans
Stokes basket
Bio Decomposible Hose
Acetylene Torch

181 Brush responds first to all brush fires in the township. The brush also responds to incidents with access issues.
181 Command
2007 Chevy Tahoe
Command Vehicle.

Hand tools
Fire Extinguishers/water cans
White boards for command use
Misc Books and ERG for command use and research
181 Engine
1985 Seagrave
PADOH EMS Certified
1000 gallon water tank
50 gallon foam tank
1250 GPM pump
Hand lights
Various hose connectors
Various hand lines
Preconnected Cord Reels
Portable Cord reels
Power generator
Various hand tools
Deck gun
High Rise Pack
Vehicle cribbing
Genesis hydraulic spreaders and cutters

181 Engine responds first to all mutual aid structure fires, miscellaneous or unknown type fires, second due on brush fires, structure fires, and rescue incidents within the township. The engine also serves as the primary vehicle when the truck or rescue engine is out of service.
181 Rescue Engine
2017 Sutphen
8 Man Cab
500 HP Cummins motor
2250 GPM Pump
980 Gallons of water with foam eductor and tank
Nighscan Light Tower
Battery operated (with power supply off truck) cutters, spreaders, rams, combi-tool
Rescue tools are mounted on a lazy-susan style tray that slides out and spins to select equipment
Rescue hand tools, misc hand tools and supression tools
Trash line in front bumper with piercing nozzle.
Oil Dry hopper
Power inverter, power hookup on 3 sides
Anchor points all 4 sides
Misc. Hand tool check
Engine ladder compliment
Rope rescue equipment
4 Gas meter
Stokes basket
One trash line on either side of truck
3 cross lays
Rear discharge and intake
Cribbing, stepchalks, stabalization equipment
QRS equipment

181 Rescue Engine will respond first to all accidents in the township as well as any type of physical rescue incident. The Rescue Engine also responds first for vehicle fires, gas calls, and other non active fire related incidents.
2015 GMC SIERRA 3500 HD
PADOH EMS Certified
Oil Dry
4 Gas meter
Light hand tools

181 Squad is the first out vehicle for QRS calls in the township. The squad is also equipped to handle minor fluid and debris cleanup from MVA's. Also, the squad is used to transport firefighters to and from the fire academy, other training locations, fire department details, and used for traffic control if needed.
181 Truck
2014 Sutphen SP70 Quint
PADOH EMS Certified
7 Man Cab
2250 GPM Pump
500 Gallon Water Tank
500 HP Cummins Engine
Full Quint Compliment of Ground Ladders
Various chainsaws, K-12 saws, and vent saws
Thermal Imaging Camera
4 Gas Meter
Various Hand Tools
Portable Generators with Flood Lights
Salvage and Overhaul Equipment
Ventilation Fans
RIT Pack
Portable Deluge
Highrise Packs

181 Truck responds first for all structure related incidents including fire alarms, structure fires, and possible structure fires. The truck will also respond mutual aid into surrounding communities when requested for manpower or if needed for aerial operations.
181 UTV
2019 Polaris UTV
3 Seat UTV Polaris
Skid unit for off road firefighting, rescue and search
More info to come.

Coming Fall/Winter 2019
RETIRED - 181 Rescue 2
2009 GMC 5500 4x4
181 Rescue-2 was sold to Robinson Twp vfc#1 ( Groveton 244 ) in March of 2016.
RETIRED - 181 Special Services
1983 Chevrolet Sport Van
Was in service from 1983 until 2011.
RETIRED - 181 Truck
1988 KME 55 foot Aerial
181 Truck was retired and sold to a Volunteer Fire Dept in the state of Texas August 7, 2014.
RETIRED - 181 Utility / QRS
2001 Ford F-350 Superduty
RETIRED 181 Brush 2
1942 Dodge
Antique Fire Apparatus, can be put into service if needed. Carrys pump and water tank, 6X6 all wheel drive for off roading.

181 Brush-2 is not a Primary vehicle but can be put into service at anytime to replace Brush-1 if Out Of Service.
RETIRED- 181 Rescue / Engine
1995 HME
181 Rescue-Engine was sold to Gaston VFD in the state of Indiana April 2017.

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